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MULE 4010 Trans 4x4 Diesel

'Built for hard work'

The rugged diesel powered MULE 4010 Diesel 4x4 can carry two people and 499 kg load to remote, hard to access locations in safety and in comfort. Ideal for a diverse range of business applications, the MULE 4010 is built to perform economically, all day and every day.


Room for two

With the rear seats folded, the load bay is extended by 510mm and payload increased by 181kg. Will take a long 1,280mm load just where you need it.

Quick change

Conversion between two to four seats is quick and easy. There is no need for tools, the rear seat bench folding out of the way when it is not required.

Room for four

When carrying four people, the MULE Trans offers a generous 318kg payload, the cargo bay reducing to a still generous 770mm in length. How is that for versatility?

Torque and economy

Powered by a 953cm3 high-torque engine, MULE 4010 Diesel 4x4 and MULE 4010 Trans 4x4 Diesel models combine frugal economy with the stamina to keep going in the toughest conditions.

Differential Lock



Strength and comfort

The rear semi-independent suspension of MULE 4010 Diesel 4x4 and MULE 4010 Trans 4x4 Diesel models offers a generous 70mm of travel. Leaf and coil over damper springs deliver payload strength and operator comfort.


Power Steering

All MULE 4010 4x4 models are fitted with speed sensitive power steering. Light at low speeds, power steering makes manoeuvring with a full load smoother and easier.

Easy to fill

With its generous 24,2 litre capacity, a full fuel tank allows day-long operation. The recessed filler is fully protected but easy to access for fast refuelling.
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