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KVF 750 4x4

'More is Better'

Designed for high performance off-road, the KVF750 boasts industry leading features including speed variable Electronic Power Steering (EPS) plus a further increase in the torque and all-day working performance of its 750 cm3 V-twin engine. Add greater chassis control, plus a host of new features, and the more you experience the KVF750, the better it gets.


Powerful engine

Powerful water-cooled V twin engine, ideal for high torque and minimum vibration.


IRS and double wishbone suspension

Independent rear suspension and double wishbone front layout allows accurate wheel tracking and supreme operator comfort

Selectable 2WD/4WD

Use the convenient handlebar mounted selector to switch between 2WD and 4WD modes.


New bumper design

The new bumper design contributes to the new rugged styling.

Polished rims

Revised rims with folded lip for a more robust look.

Sealed storage

The convenient storage compartment complements the easy-access storage pocket.

Dual-rate springs

Dual-rate springs for the front and rear suspension enable sport riding performance to be maintained while offering increased ride comfort. Initial stroke compression is soft, allowing the springs to more easily soak up bumps at lower speed; as the springs are further compressed, the firmer second spring rates come into play, providing performance necessary


Reduced spring rate for the throttle return springs and ball bearings in the throttle bodies (to reduce friction) give a lighter feel at the throttle lever, which contributes to reduced rider fatigue.

Stronger axle boots

Front and rear axle boots are now fashioned from plastic for increased protection from debris (like rocks and branches) encountered when trail riding. The stronger material reduces the chance of the boots being punctured or ripped.

Air cleaner

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