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KVF 650 4x4

'Power, Performance, Value'

The price to performance ratio offered by the KVF650 make it an outstanding package. Matching rugged build and sprightly performance, the V-twin KVF650 has the power to cope with demanding use with a light footprint over sensitive terrain.


Belt service /warning system

Warns rider of impending belt failure or excessive belt wear and reduces engine power until the problem is corrected.

Manual override

Manual override of reversing speed limiter for steep gradients and heavy loads

Electrical outlets

Handy Electrical outlets at the front (120w) and rear (60w) enhance to the KVF’s credentials

Selectable 2WD/4WD

Use the convenient handlebar mounted selector to switch between 2WD and 4WD modes.

Limited slip differential

For negotiating hills and slippery surfaces, the limited slip differential is a real benefit by supplying power to the wheel that is able to provide the most traction.

Wet brake

The unique sealed, internal wet brake completely secures the braking components from the ingress of mud and dust.


High mudguard design emphasises the large wheel travel and underscores this model’s excellent off-road capabilities.
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